We Are Puppy Finders! We Are Puppy Lovers!

We are not breeders! We are puppy finders and puppy lovers! We bring you the pup with caring hands. We find your puppies in breeders that care and love them. We know that in reality they are your new family members.

We will deliver your new family member to your door step vaccinated, dewormed, with a health certificate and with health warranty.

We also take all necessary measures to give your pet's health our utmost importance and priority.

Asking yourself "Where is my next puppy?"

You found the answer! Pawmily Pets will find you the puppy you want and save you some money!

We can find many of the pretty furry little things you're looking for, and we will take the dog to you. No visiting breeders, no hassle, no troubles.

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So, instead of wondering “Where is the puppy I want?”, ping us! Just puppies for you! Our most common requests are Yorkies and Poodles, but we can find others as well.

Have an idea of what you want?

How do I find the right dog for me?

So much to consider… Size, where you live, the dog tolerance to temperatures, how much does the dog eat, and more!

We initially thought about writing an article. However, there are excellent sources available for you. Why not just refer you to them?

The American Kennel Club has an interesting

How to Choose the Perfect Dog Breed Just for You

This Test Will Reveal Which Dog Breed Best Suits You