Because We Find Your Puppy

No need for searching “breeders near me” or pet stores. You tell us what you want and we find them for you.

Because We Take the Puppy to You

We know you care for the puppy and you want the new family member to travel under good care. We will find a way to take you the puppy personally so you receive it from caring hands.

Because We Save You Money

We invented a great process to acquire the puppies for you and take them to you at prices that beat the market.

And More

Costa Rica is an ideal paradise for raising our beloved furry friends. It is considered one of the 25 most biodiverse countries on the planet. This small territory is home to more than 500,000 species, which represents 6% of the world's biodiversity. Our country has a privileged geographical position, neotropical climate, wide variety of habitats, and has been free of rabies since 1970. In addition, its small size allows our veterinarians to personally verify that each animal delivered vaccinated, dewormed, with a health certificate and a written guarantee. For us, your pet's health is very important and that's why we take all the necessary measures.

Our prices include the search and acquisition of your puppy from the best and most recognized kennels, the complete certified veterinary check-up, up to date vaccination card, travel coordination and personalized supervision all the way till the final destination, insurance, health guarantee and delivery to their new home.

We have a wide variety of breeds at your disposal. Once you have decided on one of them, our specialized team commits itself in a time not longer than five working days to search among the previously authorized breeders the different available alternatives and upcoming litters.

If you want a specific breed or even a specific cat breed, feel free to contact us and our team will work to get the alternative or similar that meets your expectations.

PAWMILY does not approve the Puppy Mills and we work based on the Law 7451 Animal Welfare of the Republic of Costa Rica.